Baby Brodie – Photography Lowestoft

This little man is one of the cutest little buttons ever!! I just adore all his hair 🙂

Before Brodie’s shoot I was looking through some father and son poses and found one that I had not done before and really wanted to try. It did take a little while to settle him in to position which is totally normal for a newborn session but I am so happy with the results. Here’s the photo as well as some of my favorites from his session.

Jamie xoxo

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Baby Cleo – Worlds quickest newborn photo shoot!

When I book newborn sessions into my diary I always leave 3 and a half hours between them and my next session of the day. Babies that have just entered into the world (well any baby really,) can be so unpredictable. You never know how they are going to be when they come through the studio door regardless of what day it is or what time it is.  And therefore I give up to 3 hours on all newborn sessions so that we have plenty of time to get the best shots possible.

From experience newborn sessions tend to work better in the morning. Probably because they have kept their parents up most of the night and now they are tired themselves. If I have a really busy week I will allow 2 newborn sessions per day, meaning that one of those will be in the afternoon after my first shoot.

Baby Cleo came in to see me this month and her shoot started at 1:30pm, the later appointment. And what a dream she was! I could not have asked for a more well behaved newborn and could have taken her photos all day long. It is very rare you get a baby that will stay sound a sleep throughout moving them around, but Cleo made her parents proud and they were out of the door by 2:30pm …. now if only all babies were like that 😉

Here are some of my favorites from her session.

Family First – Newborn Photography Lowestoft

Just a quick one to show off some lovely family shots from Alice’s newborn session 🙂

Cake smash & Splash Shoot – Photography Norfolk

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating little Sydney’s 1st birthday with a cake smash and splash shoot 🙂 Her mummy decided on a hungry caterpillar theme which no one has done before and it looked amazing!

Specially made bunting, outfit and of course cake!

Sydney was a little star and was more than happy to pose for the camera, have a cake entirely to herself and have a splash around in the tub! Here are some of my favorites from the session.


Jamie xoxo

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A new baby girl – Lowestoft newborn photography

As I have said so many times before I am always useless at blogging as much as I should. I promise that I will do it more often and then it always takes a back seat. I won’t lie, it is because I’m super busy which normally means I never get round to it (I can’t complain at this).  But I really need to get my ass into gear and post more! One Thing I love about blog posts on a photographers site is that you get to show off all of your recent work, because as much as we would like to we certainly do not have the time to constantly update the galleries. Therefore the blog is a place for clients old and new to be able to see what shots have been taken recently 🙂

I had this little beauty come to see me last week and she had no name, I think her parents were finding it a little hard to agree on something. Completely understandable when it’s going to be their name forever! So if you can think of a cute name for her please let me know 🙂

I always say I LOVE babies with hair, but my gosh did she have HAIR!! and she looked adorable! It was also of course a pleasure to take sibling photos too which will be treasured for a life time <3